White on Black

White on Black

This past weekend was the fashion and beauty summit BeautyCon held out in sunny Los Angeles, and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to attend.

I wanted to wear something simple and relaxed for the day, yet still look chic and polished. I ended up going with a minimalistic white top and some high waisted leather shorts, topped off with a statement necklace.

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Privilege Clothing Holiday Soirèe

What I wore to the Privilege Clothing Holiday Soirèe event.Vancouver fashion blogIt was a delightful evening of hot chocolate, cake pops, shopping and mingling with fellow style enthusiasts.

A big thanks to Privilege Clothing for the beautifully wrapped party favours and gift card!Vancouver fashion blog

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DIY Floral Crown Tutorial

Channeling my inner Lana Del Rey for my first ever tutorial on the blog.

I’ve been meaning to create this tutorial for a while, and finally got around to it.

Sifting through the countless tutorials online, I found that most can actually be quite complex and time-consuming. But with some trial and error, I’ve found a really quick + simple way to efficiently create beautiful floral crowns.

Continue reading to see how:

floral crown tutorialVancouver fashion blog

Vancouver fashion blogVancouver fashion blog

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Mix n’ Match Mondays

We don’t always have the amount of time and money to allot to our wardrobe as we’d like, so it’s really helpful to be able to multi-purpose a piece whenever possible.

I love trying to find new and creative ways to wear things you’ve worn before to create a fresh look. The top is from my Sheer Color Blocking post, and the scalloped white shorts are from Summer Heat.

vancouver style blog vancouver style blog

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Sheer Color Blocking

An outfit I wore for the EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking festival.

Vancouver fashion blog Vancouver fashion blog

Vancouver fashion blog Vancouver fashion blog Vancouver fashion blog

I didn’t take too many pictures inside, but managed to snap a few of the food.

Vancouver food blog Vancouver food blog Vancouver food blog

If you’ve never been, the festival is definitely worth checking out. Tons of different vendors, and a huge selection of food to sample. There are free ones available, but most of the more substantial offerings cost tickets.

You can buy packs of 20 tickets for $10, so it comes out to be 50 cents a ticket. Most items are anywhere from 2 – 8 tickets (or $1 – $4).

Color Block Shirt: Topshop  |  White Denim: Forever 21  |  Black Stam Bag: Marc Jacob