Traveling with Samsonite Lipault Paris

Traveling with Samsonite Lipault Paris

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with Samsonite. 

When I first started traveling, I had the tendency to over-stuff my suitcase with anything I could think of that would be of potential use. Without planning, I thought variety was the best option as it would guarantee I wouldn’t be stuck with an outfit combination that I didn’t like.

However, lugging around a miniature version of my entire closet around wasn’t easy, and I quickly realized that I barely even touched most of the stuff I brought. This inspired my current affinity for light packing.

IMG_9827-2Now I try to outline what I’m wearing for each day of the trip, and only bring exactly what I need. This doesn’t always work for extended travels, but the principles still apply. Packing light also allows more flexibility for souvenirs and shopping.

If it’s a short weekend trip, I like to refrain from checking bags at all and just stick to carry-on. It’s nice to be able to walk out of the airport without having to wait at the carousel, and it also alleviates any lost luggage anxiety.
Less weight for the bag itself means more for your belongings. Weight versus capacity and strength is the first thing I look for when shopping for luggage. Which is why I’m very excited for the launch of the new Lipault Paris line from Samsonite. It’s perfect for avid travelers that love a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise fashion or durability. The new line features fresh vibrant colours in a variety of sizes and shapes.
If you happen to also be having a rose gold moment, check out the Miss Plume line which features spinners and weekend bags in a beautiful metallic pink.
The new Vancouver location will be the first stand-alone boutique in North America. The 2 current “shop in shops” that exist are both in the US, so anyone in the area should take advantage of the opening store.

IMG_9874cAs a summary, these are my tips for packing light:

-Plan all your outfits if possible (this includes all accessories and jewelry). This makes sure that you only pack what’s necessary, and eliminates wasted space.

-Forget about toiletries that aren’t specialty items or needed on the plane. Most destinations have travel size bottles that you can purchase when you arrive.

-Take out your heaviest/bulkiest coat or sweater to wear on the plane. The air conditioning can be brutal, and if you get hot you can always use it as an extra pillow.

-If it’s a group trip, coordinate so that you don’t have to all bring the same thing. Dedicate one person for the hair straightener/curler, one for portable speakers, etc. This way everyone can share the load, and still have everything they need.

IMG_9893bThere are certainly circumstances where packing light may not be practical, but I think it’s a great habit to cultivate and something to keep in mind when luggage shopping.

Carrying less physical baggage can be very freeing, and opens up your mind to focus more on the experiences and people.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Samsonite Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Vancouver Coal Harbor

It’s pretty rare to catch a sunny day in Vancouver these days, so I felt the urgent need to take advantage when the clouds finally relented, letting us have a peek of summer weather.

I hopped over to Coal Harbor for a quick visit and a brain break- over the past little while I’ve been immensely busy with an animated commercial that I’m working on. Despite my best efforts however, the project is a little behind with a copious amount of work left.

Why is it that production schedules never go according to plan??

DSC_0449c DSC_0525d DSC_0438c DSC_0580b DSC_0580c

I also can’t wait until all the gloom passes and summer finally hits. I am definitely a summer girl. It’s been my favourite season ever since I could remember.

There’s something in the air that just buzzes and hums, it gives me an extra surge of energy to do… stuff. To go out, meet with friends, get a drink, whatever. Winter just makes me want to stockpile food and hibernate forever alone.

But honestly, I’m really excited for the first few days we make it past 20 degrees. And patio dining. And ice-cream on those sweltering days. And hitting the beach. And summer blockbusters! And finding the perfect summer anthem on the radio :)

Can’t wait!

Camo & Crop Tops

Wearing my camo military jacket with my shiny disco pants.

camo jacket

Had the best bagel sandwich the other day from Siegel’s Bagels. I ordered the Lox & Cream Cheese, which has wild sockeye salmon, cream cheese, red onion & capers.

It was ah.mazing. The salmon was melt in your mouth, the cream cheese a great compliment, and just the right touch of capers (not adding too much salt).

It doesn’t hurt that they’re open 24hours either.



Camo Jacket: Topshop

Leather Crop Top: Forever 21

Disco Pant: Topshop

Military Boots: Urban

Tea Party

So I’ve been dying to go for high tea for the longest time. I just love the elegance of it all; the fine china, the delicate pastries, that feeling of being in such a cultured and refined ambiance.

Couldn’t wait.

Now originally, I had planned on going to the Fairmont which is a very popular and well-known establishment. But then I did some research, and came across Patisserie Für EliseAs soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect spot for my very first high tea experience.


I bought this delicate feathered fascinator a while back, but had no idea what/where I could possibly wear it to. And seeing as I’m not RSVP’ing to any royal weddings anytime soon, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

tea time

So this tea shop is actually located in a heritage home in downtown Vancouver. It’s very discreet, with only a small simple sign in the window that can easily go unnoticed.

I love the Victorian style and charming colors.

Seeing the outside I was already intrigued.

high tea

As soon as I stepped in, I was blown away by how amazingly pretty and deliciously girly everything was.

It was like an explosion of pinks and florals and all things frilly.

tea time

The first floor is where the bakery is held, with a display case full of beautiful cakes and pastries. There’s also homemade jams and takeaway crème brûlées for purchase.

high tea

Upstairs is where the high tea is served. They have beautiful Victorian style furniture, with gorgeous detailing and a soft neutral colour palette.


Each teacup is different! We only had two, but I noticed that even at the other tables serving 4 or more guests, each teacup was unique to it’s patron.

Love :)


There’s a large selection of teas available, each with a lovely description that is oddly reminiscent of a wine menu.. Ex: Assam: Rich, full bodied and malty…)

It was a tough choice as so many of them sounded so appealing, but we ended up getting the Honey Scented Tea (Rich and mellow, natural honey-like sweet aftertaste.) and the Assam (I couldn’t resist. Would it taste like my favourite French Bordeaux?)

tea time

It didn’t.

Hah, but it was delicious. It had hints of floral in it, and I am in love with the raw rock sugar they served with it.

The honey one was also heavenly. The honey was very subtle but still noticeable, adding a light natural sweetness.


Our food came in a beautiful two tiered display tray. The top layer was desserts;

-Chef’s choice starter (fruit topped panna cotta with gold leaf)

-Mini Sacher torte

-Mini Fur Elise

-Lemon cheesecake

-Lavender macaron

-Pate de fruit

high tea

The bottom layer held all the savory items;

-Prosciutto, brie and fresh basil croissant

-Cucumber dill finger sandwich

-Curried egg salad cornet

-Creamy garden veggie puff

-Mini scones with apple vanilla jam

The scones were my favorite, they had an amazing buttery texture and the jam is simply delectable.

high tea


tea time

Not only did everything look great, but tasted amazing as well. All the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Our server described everything as it was served, and gave helpful suggestions on what order to eat it all.

Overall, I had a great first high tea and would definitely come back again. Maybe bring some girlfriends for a dainty afternoon get-together.

lucy lu lucy lu

I ended up grabbing a few things to bring home as well.

cake strawberry shortcake

This is the Für Elise, which was named after the store, and I’m told is one of the most popular. It is a strawberry shortcake with edible rose garnish.

green tea cake

This is the green tea with red bean mouse cake. So pretty :)

chocolate cookie

These cookies were very good.At 75 cents each, they were a great deal.



Patisserie Für Elise on Urbanspoon

Brunch at Commune

I’ve always thought it was a shame that most restaurants only serve brunch on the weekends. I love breakfasty foods, but can’t always get to them before the lunch service begins.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Commune, a great downtown that serves brunch 7 days/week.

Tagline billed across the building “Those who eat together, stay together.”

DSC_0006b DSC_0005d DSC_0008b

They have a simple, modern aesthetic. There are booths lined against the wall, but other than that there isn’t much for private seating.


I wanted to try their vanilla bean latte. It was good, but I couldn’t really taste the vanilla bean. Was pretty much just a plain latte.

DSC_0015b DSC_0020b

They also have these really charming old school cola bottles. I actually really enjoyed the taste; not as sweet as your average coke, and less bite. Sometimes I feel like pepsi is burning off the lining at the back of my throat.


For the main course, my friend ordered the bacon & cheddar omelette served with roasted potatoes, fresh fruit and multi-grain toast. He enjoyed the omelette, but the toast was a bit soggy.


This is the tuna melt with split pea soup, made with aged white cheddar, tomato, cheese & herb. He said it was very tasty, with nicely dressed tuna and great creamy texture for the soup.


I decided to go with the pulled pork eggs benedict: topped with beurre noisette hollandaise served with fruit and roasted potatoes. This was very delicious. The pork was well flavored and tender, going great with the eggs. The eggs themselves could have stood to be a little less cooked though (as I like to have the yolk still a bit runny in my bennys).

Overall, we enjoyed the experience as it was pretty decent eats with a nice atmosphere.

Commune Cafe on Urbanspoon

Digital Sketches

I finally got my own Wacom Tablet. I use them to create digital paintings and such, but hesitated to buy one for myself as I wasn’t sure how often I would really put it to use.

I used to just borrow them from my school resources office, but that opportunity vanished as I graduated.

tablet 1 tablet 2

Since then, I’ve just never had access to the proper tools to do the computer sketches/drawings I used to.

I’m hoping to start doing them a lot more frequently, an attempt to hone those skills.

Here’s some of my past sketches.

Painting 1


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Wild Metallics

My outfit for the day.




Hidden amongst a sea of unwanted clothes, I found this little gem of a blazer. It’s got this great animal print in a gold metallic texture, that I am just so in love with.

I got it for a STEAL at only $6!  I never used to be an advocate for vintage/thrift shopping, but after this experience I think I’ll be doing it a lot more frequently.

Lipstick & Leather

Something about me is that I usually never wear lipstick. My lips are fairly large, and I’ve always thought that dark colours just draw way too much attention to them, making me look like I just got back from one too many collagen injections. Whenever I saw girls pulling off bright fun colours, I would feel a pang of jealousy, knowing that I would be forever stuck with my nudes and soft pinks. I felt like I was really missing out. I mean a classic red lip can really pull an outfit together, giving it that extra polish. Or you can get an instant splash of pizzazz with a pretty coral.

But I’ve had some pretty nasty experiences in the past where I got (really bad) lipstick put on me, making me look horrible. It’s one of the main reasons why I’m against/afraid of having my makeup done by other people. Seems like I always end up coming out with a clown face, or looking very drag queen-esque.

Anyways, lately I’ve been mulling over the idea of giving lipstick another chance, and finally got the guts to actually do it!

One of the looks I’ve really been dying to try is the vampy, dark and bold trend.



I wore my new tuxedo black leather vest with a sheer blouse underneath. Paired it with some black tights and some basic heels. I wanted to keep it very monochromatic, with just a few touches of gold.


Because of my prior phobia, I don’t own too many good lipsticks at home, let alone the exact shade I wanted. And I didn’t want to risk an expensive new purchase in case this was a total disaster. So I just used one of my old (barely touched) reds, and rubbed some dark brown eyeshadow into it. It turned out great, and I find that this way you can really control the colour, giving it a more red or brown tinge depending on the look you’re going for.

I found that the trick is to really pay attention to the application. For me, I can’t have the lipstick all over, it has to go slightly within my natural lip line. I also like to give them a little bit of extra definition, really accentuating the bow shape.

Do you guys have any favorite lipstick looks?