Waffle & Berries

I have a really bad habit of buying online coupons (ie: Groupon, Social Shopper, Deal Find, etc. etc.) and then forgetting to actually use them.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve bought deals from some absurdly obscure business in an effort to “try something new” and then just have it sit unnoticed until the expiration date is long gone.

This includes paintball tickets, scuba diving lessons, pole dancing fitness classes, circus training… ugh.

I mean I want to go do these things. Really, I do. It’s just that I never seem to get around to actually doing it.

I mean, when am I ever going to wake up and go, “huh, I really feel like going for a scuba dive today. Yes. Today is the day.  Oh my god, didn’t I get a coupon for this? Wow, yes that saves me some money. I am so clever.”


So I’ve finally come to accept that there’s a great disparity between what I think I will want to do, and what I am actually going to do. Especially when it involves physical activity.

To combat this, I’ve decided to only buy online coupons for things I know that I will get around to using- so anything food.

I bought this coupon for Waffle and Berries, and was really excited to try it out.

It was $13 and included:

-2 Belgian Liege Waffles + up to six toppings

-2 Choice of Hot Beverages

waffle and berries waffle and berries

For my waffle, I added blueberries, blackberries and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The waffle was nice and dense, with just the right hit of sweetness.

I don’t usually like chocolate chips, but I found these ones really complimented the texture, adding that extra crunch. I think they were frozen beforehand maybe.

Whenever I get anything that has a myriad of ingredients kind of toppled together like this, I have to have a bit of everything in each bite. Like, I’ll dissect the berries with the waffle and scoop on some ice cream with chocolate chips just so that I can taste everything together because that’s how it was meant to be eaten, and I’ll feel like I’m missing the experience if I don’t. Does anyone else do this??

waffle and berries waffle and berries

My boyfriend got his waffle with dark chocolate, whipped cream and also a scoop of ice cream. When given the option, he always like to make things as unhealthy as possible.

The whipped cream was actually really yummy, it was made fresh with a hint of strawberry.

caramel macchiato

I chose a caramel macchiato for my beverage. I liked this better than the Starbucks version as I find those too sweet.waffle and berriesI wore my new straw hat with a fishtail braid and my dark wash denim romper.waffle and berriesI really liked the decor and atmosphere inside. Modern but with little glimmers of charm scattered throughout.waffle and berriesI love the little glass case with Tin Tin inside reading with Snowy. Adorable.

This was a great deal because of the coupon, but I would return in the future even at full price to sample some of the other waffle combinations.

waffle and berries

Beautiful afternoon well spent.

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YL’s Birthday at Minami

This is a late post for my friend’s birthday dinner at Minami. She’s one of my good friends from Edmonton, and happened to be visiting Vancouver during her birthday week.

I’ve been trying to get around to trying Minami for a while. It’s a relatively new restaurant, opening it’s doors last June. Since then, it’s gotten rave reviews from critics and foodies alike so I’ve been dying to see what the fuss is about.

Fun fact: Minami is named after Aburi Restaurants CEO Seigo Nakamura’s youngest daughter. His other Vancouver location is named after his eldest daughter; Miku.

orchids :)

Minami Vancouver

Unfortunately I was running late, and missed the start of the meal (which I heard was delicious) but I did manage to catch a few dishes, which are shown below.

The lighting was quite dim, so it may be difficult to make out what was served.

Minami Vancouver

This is the Miku Roll, which had salmon, uni, crab, cucumber and rolled in flying fish roe with MIKU sauce.

I love all the components of this roll isolated, so it makes sense that together they make an amazing combination in my books.

Minami Vancouver

We also tried the Wagyu Beef Soba: wagyu beef bolognaise, tempura oyster mushroom, shitake mushroom with dashi. I didn’t try this, but the consensus from others was that it wasn’t great, and a regretful menu choice.

And the Ebi Fritters: black tiger prawns, spiced couscous, sweet chili aioli and soy balsamic. There’s a version of this dish at every Japanese tapa restaurant, and I always enjoy it so I wanted to see how Minami’s rendition stacked up.

The verdict? It wasn’t bad, but I still think I like Hapa’s better.

Minami Vancouver

This was my favourite part- dessert! :)

We ordered 3 different ones, which they plated beautifully with a candle and handwritten chocolate drizzle.

Minami Vancouver

Earl Grey Berry Cake: earl grey cream, walnut sponge, earl grey cookie crust, blueberry & blackberry compote, japanese puffed rice, hazelnuts, chantilly cream served with cassis vanilla ice cream.

Lemon Cheesecake: light unbaked cheesecake, graham cookie crust, orange-lemon compote, rhubarb sauce served with rhubarb-raspberry sorbet.

Green Tea Opera: Green tea sponge infused with espresso and Frangelico liqueur, green tea butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, azuki bean cream served with green tea ice cream and green tea sauce.

They were all very yummy, but my favorite was the Earl Grey. I’ve never had anything like it before and the flavors really complimented each other well.

The cheesecake was pretty good too, but I enjoy baked cheesecake more than it’s chilled counterpart. I’m also not a huge fan of sponge cake so the green tea was just alright for me.

Minami Vancouver Minami Vancouver

Minami Vancouver

We all had a great time and a lovely meal. Most of our dishes were great if not mediocre. Although it is quite pricy, you pay for the quality ingredients and the luxe atmosphere.

The service was there, but our server seemed very rushed and forgot things here and there.

Overall, I really liked it and will definitely mark it as a spot worthy of another visit.
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Camo & Crop Tops

Wearing my camo military jacket with my shiny disco pants.

camo jacket

Had the best bagel sandwich the other day from Siegel’s Bagels. I ordered the Lox & Cream Cheese, which has wild sockeye salmon, cream cheese, red onion & capers.

It was ah.mazing. The salmon was melt in your mouth, the cream cheese a great compliment, and just the right touch of capers (not adding too much salt).

It doesn’t hurt that they’re open 24hours either.



Camo Jacket: Topshop

Leather Crop Top: Forever 21

Disco Pant: Topshop

Military Boots: Urban

Tea Party

So I’ve been dying to go for high tea for the longest time. I just love the elegance of it all; the fine china, the delicate pastries, that feeling of being in such a cultured and refined ambiance.

Couldn’t wait.

Now originally, I had planned on going to the Fairmont which is a very popular and well-known establishment. But then I did some research, and came across Patisserie Für EliseAs soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect spot for my very first high tea experience.


I bought this delicate feathered fascinator a while back, but had no idea what/where I could possibly wear it to. And seeing as I’m not RSVP’ing to any royal weddings anytime soon, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

tea time

So this tea shop is actually located in a heritage home in downtown Vancouver. It’s very discreet, with only a small simple sign in the window that can easily go unnoticed.

I love the Victorian style and charming colors.

Seeing the outside I was already intrigued.

high tea

As soon as I stepped in, I was blown away by how amazingly pretty and deliciously girly everything was.

It was like an explosion of pinks and florals and all things frilly.

tea time

The first floor is where the bakery is held, with a display case full of beautiful cakes and pastries. There’s also homemade jams and takeaway crème brûlées for purchase.

high tea

Upstairs is where the high tea is served. They have beautiful Victorian style furniture, with gorgeous detailing and a soft neutral colour palette.


Each teacup is different! We only had two, but I noticed that even at the other tables serving 4 or more guests, each teacup was unique to it’s patron.

Love :)


There’s a large selection of teas available, each with a lovely description that is oddly reminiscent of a wine menu.. Ex: Assam: Rich, full bodied and malty…)

It was a tough choice as so many of them sounded so appealing, but we ended up getting the Honey Scented Tea (Rich and mellow, natural honey-like sweet aftertaste.) and the Assam (I couldn’t resist. Would it taste like my favourite French Bordeaux?)

tea time

It didn’t.

Hah, but it was delicious. It had hints of floral in it, and I am in love with the raw rock sugar they served with it.

The honey one was also heavenly. The honey was very subtle but still noticeable, adding a light natural sweetness.


Our food came in a beautiful two tiered display tray. The top layer was desserts;

-Chef’s choice starter (fruit topped panna cotta with gold leaf)

-Mini Sacher torte

-Mini Fur Elise

-Lemon cheesecake

-Lavender macaron

-Pate de fruit

high tea

The bottom layer held all the savory items;

-Prosciutto, brie and fresh basil croissant

-Cucumber dill finger sandwich

-Curried egg salad cornet

-Creamy garden veggie puff

-Mini scones with apple vanilla jam

The scones were my favorite, they had an amazing buttery texture and the jam is simply delectable.

high tea


tea time

Not only did everything look great, but tasted amazing as well. All the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Our server described everything as it was served, and gave helpful suggestions on what order to eat it all.

Overall, I had a great first high tea and would definitely come back again. Maybe bring some girlfriends for a dainty afternoon get-together.

lucy lu lucy lu

I ended up grabbing a few things to bring home as well.

cake strawberry shortcake

This is the Für Elise, which was named after the store, and I’m told is one of the most popular. It is a strawberry shortcake with edible rose garnish.

green tea cake

This is the green tea with red bean mouse cake. So pretty :)

chocolate cookie

These cookies were very good.At 75 cents each, they were a great deal.



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Brunch at Commune

I’ve always thought it was a shame that most restaurants only serve brunch on the weekends. I love breakfasty foods, but can’t always get to them before the lunch service begins.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Commune, a great downtown that serves brunch 7 days/week.

Tagline billed across the building “Those who eat together, stay together.”

DSC_0006b DSC_0005d DSC_0008b

They have a simple, modern aesthetic. There are booths lined against the wall, but other than that there isn’t much for private seating.


I wanted to try their vanilla bean latte. It was good, but I couldn’t really taste the vanilla bean. Was pretty much just a plain latte.

DSC_0015b DSC_0020b

They also have these really charming old school cola bottles. I actually really enjoyed the taste; not as sweet as your average coke, and less bite. Sometimes I feel like pepsi is burning off the lining at the back of my throat.


For the main course, my friend ordered the bacon & cheddar omelette served with roasted potatoes, fresh fruit and multi-grain toast. He enjoyed the omelette, but the toast was a bit soggy.


This is the tuna melt with split pea soup, made with aged white cheddar, tomato, cheese & herb. He said it was very tasty, with nicely dressed tuna and great creamy texture for the soup.


I decided to go with the pulled pork eggs benedict: topped with beurre noisette hollandaise served with fruit and roasted potatoes. This was very delicious. The pork was well flavored and tender, going great with the eggs. The eggs themselves could have stood to be a little less cooked though (as I like to have the yolk still a bit runny in my bennys).

Overall, we enjoyed the experience as it was pretty decent eats with a nice atmosphere.

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Ballet & Thierry

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to go see a real live ballet rendition of The Nutcracker. It’s just such a classic.

Well, the other night I finally got my chance. We booked tickets to see it performed by the GOH Ballet Acadamy at the The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts.


I took it as a chance to wear my new dress from Topshop, and topped it off with a classic high bun.

This was my first ballet, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to.. but I thought the performance was fantastic. My favorite part was having the live orchestra present; it really makes the experience seem so much more alive, and they played all my favorite Nutcracker classics with such aplomb.

After the show, we decided to go for dessert at Thierry Chocolate Patisserie Café. The place was packed.

Couldn’t get a table, so we just grabbed some goodies to go.



We ended up getting a chocolate eclair, a piece of tiramisu, and a six pack of macarons.



The tiramisu was pretty good, but quite pricy for the serving size. My favorite was the eclair. Nice light shell with a creamy thick chocolaty filling… mhm.

And of course, I had to get macarons. Because it was quite late into the evening already, they didn’t have much selection left. We just got a couple of each; hazelnut, chocolate, and caramel.

They had a nice chewy texture, with just the right balance of sweetness.

However, I do still prefer the ones from Soirette Macarons & Tea; they always have a large selection to choose from, including my all time favorite pistachio.

Does anyone else feel like Vancouver goes through such sweeping dessert fads?

First it was cupcakes… then macarons… and now I’d say that the current focus is on doughnuts.

What do you think the next one will be?

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great time relaxing, and spending time with loved ones.

Our tree finally got some presents underneath!


For my days off, I decided to tackle a tiramisu recipe from scratch. It’s one of my favorite desserts, and I’ve always wondered how it was made.


Here’s a quick recap of my kitchen adventure.


Decided to do dark chocolate shavings rather than cocoa powder dusting.


I was bringing this to a Christmas dinner so I really wanted the presentation to be on point. I knew from past trifles that it can be quite hard to make the layering look pretty, so I went with a ladyfinger fence instead.


Kinda just winged it from seeing pictures, but I think it turned out pretty well.



There’s always time for a ribbon.

DSC_0021b DSC_0037b DSC_0027b DSC_0039b

I left it in the fridge overnight for all the espresso flavors to sink in, and voila!

Couldn’t believe how easy this was to make this intimidating dessert.