DIY Floral Crown Tutorial

Channeling my inner Lana Del Rey for my first ever tutorial on the blog.

I’ve been meaning to create this tutorial for a while, and finally got around to it.

Sifting through the countless tutorials online, I found that most can actually be quite complex and time-consuming. But with some trial and error, I’ve found a really quick + simple way to efficiently create beautiful floral crowns.

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floral crown tutorialVancouver fashion blog

Vancouver fashion blogVancouver fashion blog

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Digital Sketches

I finally got my own Wacom Tablet. I use them to create digital paintings and such, but hesitated to buy one for myself as I wasn’t sure how often I would really put it to use.

I used to just borrow them from my school resources office, but that opportunity vanished as I graduated.

tablet 1 tablet 2

Since then, I’ve just never had access to the proper tools to do the computer sketches/drawings I used to.

I’m hoping to start doing them a lot more frequently, an attempt to hone those skills.

Here’s some of my past sketches.

Painting 1


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