Fairmont Pacific Rim – Day at the Spa

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If you’ve ever stepped into the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, you’ll know that it’s a beautiful space with expansive ceilings and luxury finishes. I had heard great things about their in-house spa Willow Stream, and finally got the chance to try it for myself with their Day at the Spa package.

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W Skin Care – Microdermabrasion + LLLT (Cold Laser)

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with W Skin Care.

If you follow Lainey Gossip, you’ll know that she loves and raves about Lorinda Zimmerman’s W Skin Care services as the anti-aging and facial miracle worker. I recently had a chance to try out their famous double blast treatment at the original Vancouver location, and loved the experience. It’s known to attract Hollywood actresses who actually fly down from LA just for the day for appointments. The unique combination of microdermabrasion and Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) is heralded for its effective yet natural looking results.

I am very wary of youth-seeking treatments like botox or fillers as they have the tendency to come out looking too severe and obvious in that “you’ve had work done” way. Which is why I really like Zimmerman’s restorative approach to skin care. Non-invasive, and more focused on enhancing the skin’s natural radiance vs. dramatically changing one’s face. Less Real Housewives and more Kate Bosworth.Vancouver style blogThe clinic was bright and airy with a gallery-esque feel. Signature Northwest Coast art pieces displayed throughout the serene space. Vancouver style blogVancouver style blog

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Keratin Hair Smoothing: Salon Haze

During the holidays, I was approached by Salon Haze to come check out their fairly new West Broadway salon. They invited me for a complimentary hair service to review on my blog. Since I wasn’t looking to get my hair cut or colored, I opted to try their keratin smoothing treatment.

Salon Haze

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DIY Floral Crown Tutorial

Channeling my inner Lana Del Rey for my first ever tutorial on the blog.

I’ve been meaning to create this tutorial for a while, and finally got around to it.

Sifting through the countless tutorials online, I found that most can actually be quite complex and time-consuming. But with some trial and error, I’ve found a really quick + simple way to efficiently create beautiful floral crowns.

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floral crown tutorialVancouver fashion blog

Vancouver fashion blogVancouver fashion blog

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Lipstick & Leather

Something about me is that I usually never wear lipstick. My lips are fairly large, and I’ve always thought that dark colours just draw way too much attention to them, making me look like I just got back from one too many collagen injections. Whenever I saw girls pulling off bright fun colours, I would feel a pang of jealousy, knowing that I would be forever stuck with my nudes and soft pinks. I felt like I was really missing out. I mean a classic red lip can really pull an outfit together, giving it that extra polish. Or you can get an instant splash of pizzazz with a pretty coral.

But I’ve had some pretty nasty experiences in the past where I got (really bad) lipstick put on me, making me look horrible. It’s one of the main reasons why I’m against/afraid of having my makeup done by other people. Seems like I always end up coming out with a clown face, or looking very drag queen-esque.

Anyways, lately I’ve been mulling over the idea of giving lipstick another chance, and finally got the guts to actually do it!

One of the looks I’ve really been dying to try is the vampy, dark and bold trend.



I wore my new tuxedo black leather vest with a sheer blouse underneath. Paired it with some black tights and some basic heels. I wanted to keep it very monochromatic, with just a few touches of gold.


Because of my prior phobia, I don’t own too many good lipsticks at home, let alone the exact shade I wanted. And I didn’t want to risk an expensive new purchase in case this was a total disaster. So I just used one of my old (barely touched) reds, and rubbed some dark brown eyeshadow into it. It turned out great, and I find that this way you can really control the colour, giving it a more red or brown tinge depending on the look you’re going for.

I found that the trick is to really pay attention to the application. For me, I can’t have the lipstick all over, it has to go slightly within my natural lip line. I also like to give them a little bit of extra definition, really accentuating the bow shape.

Do you guys have any favorite lipstick looks?


Luxe Box: Winter Edition 2012

Finally arrived!

The downside of having only a quarterly beauty box subscription is the waiting period seems much more dragged out, as you only receive 4 boxes a year, as opposed to the standard 12. Though to be fair, this did arrive before Christmas.

I always love the packaging/presentation that Loose Button does. This month’s arrived in a nice white oblong box, with a creamy silk satchel inside. The personal monogrammed seal on the envelope was a nice touch.

*All the sample values are only estimates based on the full size prices*


I was excited about this mascara as I LOVED the Eyeko liquid eyeliner pen that came in my last box. Such control and stay power.


I already have a solid set of pinks in my polish collection, so wasn’t too thrilled about this. But then I read the bottle, and I am a bit intrigued by the “hardeners” that this supposedly contains. I have the world’s most brittle nails, and am unfortunate to have them break on me ALL the time. So this could potentially be useful, and it’s a pretty shade as well. Something nice and neutral for daily wear.


This is a very premium face mask; a 100ml jar costs $100. Claims to be like a “revitalizing skin bath” that immediately brings back moisture and firmness. I guess I’ll save this for a night of pampering.


I’m already happy with my Moroccan Oil as party of my daily hair routine, but I’ll give this a shot sometime this week and see how it compares.


This was the product I chose as part of Loose Button’s first-in-line program. For those of you that don’t know, I am a scent fiend.It’s one of the few things that I justify splurging on myself, and I have amassed quite the collection over the years. The description sounded so enticing; so me. I knew I had to try it. This is a fresh and floral infusion combining delicate lily of the valley, powdery violet, sensual cedar and the Italian memories of clean, ironed linen. Divine.


Precleanse? I have never heard of cleaning your face, before you clean your face.. but okay. It’s supposed to gently dispose of sebum and oil-based debris from your skin.


The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive of your whole body. Mine does tend to get irritated and inflamed often, creating blotchiness or dark circles when I wake up. Definitely excited to try this.


This has soft bristles and worked great when I tried it this morning. I’ve been in need for a kabuki brush, so this was kind of perfect.


I don’t usually read Flare Magazine, but this promises it has no hidden costs, or automatic renewals (which I hate) so I’ll try it out.

Overall, the box was a little meh for me. I was disappointed I barely receive any full sized products (besides the nail polish). I was definitely more satisfied with the fall edition, and hope the next one is better. However, the value of the box technically makes the price worth it. Around $90 worth of products (plus a make-up brush!) for $26 is not bad, especially since it’s delivered right to your door with no effort made on your part.

Do any of you subscribe to monthly or quarterly beauty boxes? If so, how do they compare?