Deighton Cup 2014

I’ve always coveted the beautiful and intricate hats that are commonly seen at daytime events in Europe. However, there aren’t too many places in Vancouver that one can don a fascinator without attracting stares of puzzlement or criticism.

The annual Deighton Cup event seeks to be different by encouraging chic fancy hats and dapper suits with pocket squares. Held at the historic Hastings Racecourse, it was a charming afternoon of stylish outfits, fine cocktails and lively entertainment.

Vancouver style blogDeighton Cup 2014DSC_0335-3DSC_0332a-3

Deighton Cup 2014DSC_0304-2Deighton Cup 2014Deighton Cup 2014Vancouver style blogDSC_0258b-2

I was delighted to find out I actually won my first bet- placed on horse Rebus!

Vancouver style blogDeighton Cup 2014DSC_0221-4DSC_0333c-3

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