W Skin Care – Microdermabrasion + LLLT (Cold Laser)

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with W Skin Care.

If you follow Lainey Gossip, you’ll know that she loves and raves about Lorinda Zimmerman’s W Skin Care services as the anti-aging and facial miracle worker. I recently had a chance to try out their famous double blast treatment at the original Vancouver location, and loved the experience. It’s known to attract Hollywood actresses who actually fly down from LA just for the day for appointments. The unique combination of microdermabrasion and Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) is heralded for its effective yet natural looking results.

I am very wary of youth-seeking treatments like botox or fillers as they have the tendency to come out looking too severe and obvious in that “you’ve had work done” way. Which is why I really like Zimmerman’s restorative approach to skin care. Non-invasive, and more focused on enhancing the skin’s natural radiance vs. dramatically changing one’s face. Less Real Housewives and more Kate Bosworth.Vancouver style blogThe clinic was bright and airy with a gallery-esque feel. Signature Northwest Coast art pieces displayed throughout the serene space. Vancouver style blogVancouver style blog

I was greeted warmly by my technician Ruby, who was extremely knowledgable and performed confidently throughout the entire process. She started off by cleaning my face with a gentle foaming cleanser. Then moved on to the microderm, using aluminum oxide crystals and a gentle suction tool to buff my skin smooth and clear dirt from the pores. It didn’t hurt, but definitely felt strange- some describe it like being licked by a cat’s tongue.

Next was the LLLT, which was originally developed as a medical technology to aid in wound healing and injuries. It works by increasing DNA/RNA synthesis for faster cellular renewal, and also stimulates collagen production. This lasted about 30 minutes, and was actually very soothing and relaxing. I almost fell asleep!

We wrapped up with some spf, and I was told to expect results anywhere from three days to three weeks. I have very sensitive skin, so I was expecting to be extremely red and flaky right after the procedure. But I was surprised to find my skin with only a tinge of redness, and some slight feelings of tightness. I’m told that some women actually come in for an appointment on their lunch break, and then go right back to work afterwards.

The next morning, I was a little alarmed to find my left eye had swelled up over night. I have eczema, and my eyelids especially are very easily inflamed. Thankfully though, the swelling went down through the day. The day after that I noticed right away that my skin felt a lot smoother. Makeup glided on a lot easier, and I couldn’t stop touching my face as it felt so dewy and soft. I was scheduled for another LLLT appointment the following week, so I was really excited to see the cumulative results.

It’s now been about a week since my last treatment, and I think the most striking difference I see is in my complexion. My face has gotten a lot less red and blotchy, with a more even skin tone without any foundation. The price for the microderm + cold gel laser double shot is just shy of $300, which is pretty reasonable if you consider that most high end facials run at about $150. I definitely recommend trying it out, especially while the Vancouver location is still a relative secret. The Toronto office has a huge waiting list, as media and blogs have been gushing over Zimmerman’s technique.

Have any of you ever tried getting microdermabrasion or cold laser treatments? What were the results?

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