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My Sweater’s Wearing a Sweater



Vancouver fashion blogVancouver fashion blog

Vancouver fashion blog

Vancouver fashion blog

Rabbit Knit Sweater: eBay  |  Red Checker Flannel Shirt: Thrifted  |  Black Trousers with Gold Zippers: Zara  |  Black Chunk Wooden Heels: Zara

Author: Lucy Lu

3D Animator + Digital Designer Vancouver-based techie exploring her creative side through experiments in fashion, photography, and design. . Ellu Design

7 thoughts on “My Sweater’s Wearing a Sweater

  1. Cute outfit!
    Maybe we can follow each other?

    Kisses, x

  2. Reblogged this on The Pretty Canary.

  3. So quirky and fun! I love it!

  4. Cute sweater! I’m in Vancouver too :)

  5. you look amazing.. just started following you! if you get a sec, stop by my blog to get a free gift card for an exciting online store!

    I Should Blog

  6. Love the outfit! The blue heels, gives it a pop color.


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