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One thing I love about Vancouver in comparison to Edmonton is the availability of 24 hours cafes and restaurants. You’d be hard pressed to find a good place for a late night snack or coffee around where I grew up. I myself am a self confessed night owl, so I was delighted to find that Vancouver has quite a few offerings for round-the-clock joints.

One that I recently discovered is the Breka Bakery & Cafe just off Robson and Thurlow.

Vancouver food blog Vancouver food blog

It’s a spacious well-decorated cafe that’s open 24 hours. They have a variety of different hot/cold drinks as well as an amazing selection of baked goods.

I had simple Black Coffee with a Blueberry Muffin.

Vancouver food blog Vancouver food blog

The coffee was fine; I think a cafe would have to make an actual conscious effort to make impassable drip coffee. The muffin on the other hand, was absolutely delicious. It was incredibly moist and tender, with a good amount of blueberries mixed in. The crumble on top added for a nice texture variance.

My friend Camilla had the Green Apple Smoothie and a Bran Muffin.

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I had a quick taste, and the smoothie was quite good; very refreshing. However, we both agreed that the bran muffin was not up to par. It was a bit dry, and very flavorless. I usually enjoy bran muffins, but these ones somehow just remind me of a dry high fiber cereal.

Vancouver food blog Vancouver food blog

I do really like the space that they’ve created here though. Very cozy with a variety of armchairs and benches stationed throughout, it’s no wonder that the place is always buzzing with study buddies or small groups idly chatting away.

Upon leaving, I couldn’t resist grabbing an Apricot Doughnut to go.

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It was fluffy, and not overly greasy or oily. The filling was sweet with a hint of tart, nicely complimenting the pastry without overpowering it. My only complaint is that it was a touch dry, although that may be my own doing. I’m guessing it would have tasted better had I eaten it right after I bought it.

Vancouver food blog Vancouver food blog Vancouver food blog

They have such a great variety of things that I’m almost overwhelmed by the amount of choices. I would love to come back though, perhaps catch up on some reading while sampling some of their savory options.

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