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If you’ve ever browsed the baking aisle of your neighborhood grocery store, you’ll know that the frosting selection is often quite limited.  It’s rare to see more than the standard offerings of vanilla and chocolate unless you visit a specialty shop.

One way to combat this, is to create your own frosting from scratch. The options are limitless when you can add whatever flavor or use whatever method you choose.

Sadly, not all of us have the time and skill to conceive well-rounded flavors from just raw ingredients.

I wanted to share a really great and simple effective way to work around this: bubble tea powder mix.

I’ve found that adding a few tbs of bubble tea mix powder to your generic vanilla icing will really give it that unique flavor.

And bonus: it adds color as well, so no need for food coloring!

These are some cupcakes I made for my co-workers on my last day as a Trend Specialist at Topshop in May. I decided to transition and focus my time on my animation career, which I’m still currently doing and love!

*The reason they have toothpicks on them is because I took these pictures right before leaving for work, and had them to support the plastic wrap over them*

vancouver food blog

I purchased these mixes at a coffee shop at Burrard and Drake in Vancouver. They were $12 per package, which is a great deal considering the price of a standard bubble tea is around $3-$5.

They have a great selection of flavors, including some of my favorites: Taro, Mango and Watermelon.

vancouver food blog

vancouver food blog vancouver food blog

The ones I made were French Vanilla flavored cake, alternated with chocolate and Taro frosting.

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