Cozy Day off with Cheerio

Things have been really hectic for me for the past couple of week. With meetings, new clients, new projects and Topshop on top of everything else, I feet like I barely had a chance to breathe.

But today I get the day off, and I’m really relishing the moment to just take some time for myself. Grabbing a tea and cozying up with my pet bunny Cheerio to catch up on my news and blog reading.

lucy & CHEERIOlucy & CHEERIO  lucy & CHEERIO lucy & CHEERIO

lucy & CHEERIO lucy & CHEERIO

I’m wearing my new chunky knit sweater from Topshop.

Comfy in an oversized fit. Perfect for a cozy and chill afternoon like today.

lucy & CHEERIO lucy & CHEERIO



19 thoughts on “Cozy Day off with Cheerio

    1. Awh thanks! Yeah, he’s my first bunny and just the cutest thing ever. I never knew how affectionate and smart bunnies can be! I’ve actually taught him to do a bunch of tricks and he’s always giving me bunny kisses :) heh.

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