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Tea Party


So I’ve been dying to go for high tea for the longest time. I just love the elegance of it all; the fine china, the delicate pastries, that feeling of being in such a cultured and refined ambiance.

Couldn’t wait.

Now originally, I had planned on going to the Fairmont which is a very popular and well-known establishment. But then I did some research, and came across Patisserie Für EliseAs soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect spot for my very first high tea experience.


I bought this delicate feathered fascinator a while back, but had no idea what/where I could possibly wear it to. And seeing as I’m not RSVP’ing to any royal weddings anytime soon, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

tea time

So this tea shop is actually located in a heritage home in downtown Vancouver. It’s very discreet, with only a small simple sign in the window that can easily go unnoticed.

I love the Victorian style and charming colors.

Seeing the outside I was already intrigued.

high tea

As soon as I stepped in, I was blown away by how amazingly pretty and deliciously girly everything was.

It was like an explosion of pinks and florals and all things frilly.

tea time

The first floor is where the bakery is held, with a display case full of beautiful cakes and pastries. There’s also homemade jams and takeaway crème brûlées for purchase.

high tea

Upstairs is where the high tea is served. They have beautiful Victorian style furniture, with gorgeous detailing and a soft neutral colour palette.


Each teacup is different! We only had two, but I noticed that even at the other tables serving 4 or more guests, each teacup was unique to it’s patron.

Love :)


There’s a large selection of teas available, each with a lovely description that is oddly reminiscent of a wine menu.. Ex: Assam: Rich, full bodied and malty…)

It was a tough choice as so many of them sounded so appealing, but we ended up getting the Honey Scented Tea (Rich and mellow, natural honey-like sweet aftertaste.) and the Assam (I couldn’t resist. Would it taste like my favourite French Bordeaux?)

tea time

It didn’t.

Hah, but it was delicious. It had hints of floral in it, and I am in love with the raw rock sugar they served with it.

The honey one was also heavenly. The honey was very subtle but still noticeable, adding a light natural sweetness.


Our food came in a beautiful two tiered display tray. The top layer was desserts;

-Chef’s choice starter (fruit topped panna cotta with gold leaf)

-Mini Sacher torte

-Mini Fur Elise

-Lemon cheesecake

-Lavender macaron

-Pate de fruit

high tea

The bottom layer held all the savory items;

-Prosciutto, brie and fresh basil croissant

-Cucumber dill finger sandwich

-Curried egg salad cornet

-Creamy garden veggie puff

-Mini scones with apple vanilla jam

The scones were my favorite, they had an amazing buttery texture and the jam is simply delectable.

high tea


tea time

Not only did everything look great, but tasted amazing as well. All the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Our server described everything as it was served, and gave helpful suggestions on what order to eat it all.

Overall, I had a great first high tea and would definitely come back again. Maybe bring some girlfriends for a dainty afternoon get-together.

lucy lu lucy lu

I ended up grabbing a few things to bring home as well.

cake strawberry shortcake

This is the Für Elise, which was named after the store, and I’m told is one of the most popular. It is a strawberry shortcake with edible rose garnish.

green tea cake

This is the green tea with red bean mouse cake. So pretty :)

chocolate cookie

These cookies were very good.At 75 cents each, they were a great deal.



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Author: Lucy Lu

3D Animator + Digital Designer Vancouver-based techie exploring her creative side through experiments in fashion, photography, and design. . Ellu Design

25 thoughts on “Tea Party

  1. Oh gosh I feel like I am in heaven looking at your post! I spent a part of my teenage years in England which is land of tea! and my roots are from Pakistan, tea is a big thing in our culture as well. I haven’t seen any cool High tea places here in maryland but had meaning to introduce hubby to it! Everything looks sooo delicious! Ps you look gorgeous :)

  2. So cool Lucy :) So cute! We have the same tea set with the roses at home :) I miss my mum now

  3. This is so cute Lucy!! We have the same tea set at home <3 I miss my mum now

  4. Great Post! Love the closeups of the food….mmmm…..delicious…..

  5. STOP! I love this place. I am so wishing that I knew about it while going to college at Trinity Western in Langley. You look fabulous and your first high tea looks like it was AMAZING. Great post!!!


  6. Ur blog makes me miss vancouver :(

  7. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Bless you!

  8. Fantastic post! I’ve never taken high tea but after seeing this I may just have to search it out in my area!

  9. loving this! Tasy and chic makes me want to have a tea party.x

  10. Oh how I miss a proper high tea. Great post and pictures.

  11. I am so jealous of you, I have always wondered what an amazing experience it would be and through your description, I get to live vicariously through you…lol. Cool Post and congrats on your tea adventure.

  12. wow the food looks amazing :D

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