Puppies & Ponytails

My outfit for the day; a romper/playsuit printed with a tiny Scottish Terriers pattern print.

Paired with vintage brown boots and a high bouncy pony-tail.


DSC_0100c DSC_0108cDSC_0085_croppedDSC_0088c_cropped2

Bonus points for pockets.

DSC_0113c DSC_0121c DSC_0126c
I love the collar cut-out detail at the top. Adds a little interest to an other-wise plain shape/cut.


What are some of your favorite ways to wear prints?

12 thoughts on “Puppies & Ponytails

  1. You look so cute in this dress! Perfect idea to put your hair in a pony tail gives you a cute little girl look (hope you dont take the wrong way. I love to put on a short flowy dress so I can be more playful and bouncy lol) Love love the shoulder cut outs! And to answer your question about prints…I actually didnt alot of printed stuff till this past fall…I dont know everything was just SOLID…but I am using more prints now my fave so far are leggings and skirts :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I never used to really wear prints either. I thought that they were “too much” and just stuck to basics and color blocking. I was a lot more conservative with my style, but lately I’ve been drawn to try out a lot more prints and textures. Decided to just have fun with my clothes :)
      I just got these great aztec printed leggings! But haven’t decided how or what to wear it with yet hah.

      1. oh God you sound so like me lol cant wait to see how you wear the aztec print leggings. I am sure the fashion genius inside you will find something creative to do with them :)

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