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Something about me is that I usually never wear lipstick. My lips are fairly large, and I’ve always thought that dark colours just draw way too much attention to them, making me look like I just got back from one too many collagen injections. Whenever I saw girls pulling off bright fun colours, I would feel a pang of jealousy, knowing that I would be forever stuck with my nudes and soft pinks. I felt like I was really missing out. I mean a classic red lip can really pull an outfit together, giving it that extra polish. Or you can get an instant splash of pizzazz with a pretty coral.

But I’ve had some pretty nasty experiences in the past where I got (really bad) lipstick put on me, making me look horrible. It’s one of the main reasons why I’m against/afraid of having my makeup done by other people. Seems like I always end up coming out with a clown face, or looking very drag queen-esque.

Anyways, lately I’ve been mulling over the idea of giving lipstick another chance, and finally got the guts to actually do it!

One of the looks I’ve really been dying to try is the vampy, dark and bold trend.



I wore my new tuxedo black leather vest with a sheer blouse underneath. Paired it with some black tights and some basic heels. I wanted to keep it very monochromatic, with just a few touches of gold.


Because of my prior phobia, I don’t own too many good lipsticks at home, let alone the exact shade I wanted. And I didn’t want to risk an expensive new purchase in case this was a total disaster. So I just used one of my old (barely touched) reds, and rubbed some dark brown eyeshadow into it. It turned out great, and I find that this way you can really control the colour, giving it a more red or brown tinge depending on the look you’re going for.

I found that the trick is to really pay attention to the application. For me, I can’t have the lipstick all over, it has to go slightly within my natural lip line. I also like to give them a little bit of extra definition, really accentuating the bow shape.

Do you guys have any favorite lipstick looks?


13 thoughts on “Lipstick & Leather

  1. I love the leather and red lipstick look on you. I can relate to your fear of lipstick hence I usually use mostly tinted lip glosses. The only time I wore red lipstick was on my wedding day (The one that was celebrated more ethnically) and I to this day think I looked like a clown. And I feel the same that I do better makeup on my own then when someone else does it on me.
    I wish we could see a close up of you face but it looks great from what I can tell!

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